The Ornaments born back in 2003 by the association of musicians gravitating to the time period of the seminal formations for the screamo / post-hardcore Italian, the project name is taken from a song of Rorschach band among the most brilliant and misunderstood the underground music where Ornaments are rooted. In years in which the concept of “post-rock / metal” instrumental is still too widespread or practiced the Ornaments decided to devote themselves to the voiceless music composition inspired by the heavy and sinister sound of bands like Neurosis, Breach and Isis.

The first self-produced demo (s/t – 2004) is deployed in more than 1000 copies, directly to the concerts. Through word of mouth generated by the intensity of their live, capable of interpolate moments of pure sonic assault with meditative dense suspensions, the band is able to rapidly consolidate its reputation and during the two years following the Ornaments name enjoys wide spread, and become known both to professionals who to the widest audience of the experimental genre lovers. Meanwhile you Ornaments engage in an intense live activity, treading the stage together with cult bands like Converge, Daughters, Playing Enemy and Red Sparrowes and playing dozens of concerts in Italy and abroad.

In 2006 the project suffered a setback and is only a distance of four years thay decide to restart it. The second self-produced demo on again attention towards them, picking up great reviews.

In 2015 it released MetamorphoSplit inspired by the visions of M.C. Escher. It is an incisive and fulminant album where Ornaments challenge to a duel with grind-experimental duo of Zeus!. The split output accompanied by a series of concerts that culminating in participation in the Dunk Festival in Zottegem (Belgium).

In 2016 the Ornaments announce some news: the beginning of collaboration with booking agent Ben Tellarini, entry into the roster INRI and the upcoming registration of the new full lenght. Meanwhile is confirmed participation in the next Disintegrate your Ignorance Fest that there will once again share the stage with Converge.

Ornaments are:

Riccardo Bringhenti: drums
Alessandro Zanotti: guitar
Davide Gherardi: guitar and keys
Enrico Baraldi: bass / baritone guitar

Gianluca “TURRO” Turrini: sound engineer